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Working Holiday

Praca czy odpoczynek? A może jedno i drugie?
Holiday will start soon. For some it will be not only time to rest, but also to work. Summer jobs are taken up not only to make some money, but also to gain experience, which will be beneficial upon graduation

Working holiday is an excellent method of establishing contacts, which will bring fruit in the future. Such an approach is more than justified.


Latest studies show that more and more young people take up summer jobs, and additional income is not the main drive for them. However, this summer may prove a difficult time to find a job. High unemployment levels in Poland and smaller demand for seasonal workers in EU member states will make the competition fierce. This is why it is worth to think about finding employment beforehand.


Face-to-face contact is the most effective method, as sending an e-mail is anything but an efficient method (majority of e-mail requests are placed in the dustbin without being read). It is worth visiting companies, which have higher demand for workforce during holiday, such as restaurants, hotels, farms, and tourist companies. You can also offer to work as a replacement for staff who leave for holiday. In such a case, it is important to emphasise your willingness to learn (often as part of a placement) prior to taking up employment, in order to be ready to work as an actual stand-in. Such willingness to learn may prove a deciding factor in obtaining a job offer and your work experience will be invaluable in the future. Good luck to you!


Dr Maciej Duszczyk
Deputy Director of the Institute of Social Policy of the University of Warsaw

Avaldatud: Kolmap, 12/06/2013 - 10:14

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