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Working in Another EU Country

An ID or a passport - these are the documents that you need to have on you in order to go abroad and look for a job in EU and EEA countries. However, in practice you cannot do without basic information!

Looking for a job in Europe

There are many ways of looking for a job abroad. If you opt for Internet, it is worth visiting the European job mobility portal EURES. It features more than 1 million job offers from all over Europe and an advanced search engine. This is an EU website run by public authorities, which means that it is safe to use it. EURES portal presents the list of the most popular commercial search engines, which for example publish summer job offers exclusively. You must remember that there are different regulations concerning taking up employment by minors.


Some of employment agencies specialise in presenting job offers from abroad. When using the services of a Polish agency, you must check in advance if it is listed in a register of active agencies posted on the website of the National Register of Employment Agencies (KRAZ). You should always check for which services you will have to pay and which are offered for free, you must be aware of what you have to pay attention to when signing a contract and what it should include. Such information can be found in a guide posted on the website of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and EURES.


You can stay abroad without a permit for up to 90 days, however you must register in many countries. In Austria, for example, you must do it within three days from your arrival. A residence permit is a formality, provided you are employed and can prove that you can afford staying in a given country. A bank account, insurance, registration with a taxation office, this is a totally different story. The latest information on living and working conditions as well as formalities related with a stay abroad can be found in the guides posted on the EURES portal. Polish Eurodesk has prepared a publication for young people entitled Na biało, czyli jak legalnie pracować w Europie (How to legally work in Europe).


If you have any doubts, you can always ask. EURES is also a network of career counsellors who will provide you with valuable information free of charge.

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