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The art of job seeking

Młodzi Polacy pracy szukają głównie w internecie
Half of young Poles found a job owing to their family and friends or to online searching. Astudy of the webpage revealedthat advertisements in newspapers proved useful for only 4% of respondents.

By conducting this survey we wanted to see which sources of information for job seekers were considered effective and reliable by students and graduates and which no longer served their purpose, say the organisers of the survey. The answer confirmed their expectations: as a result of the development of technology the area of recruitment is now dominated by the Internet. As much as 39% of young respondents said they had learnt about job offers from online advertising, another 6% from the bookmark “Careers” on the webpage of their current employer and 5% from Facebook. The Internet has replaced newspapers as the main source of information for job seekers, say the authors of the survey.


The survey shows that in the future social media can be the main source of information related to job offers.It also reveals that as much as 86% of persons aged 18 to 30 have a profile on Facebook, whereas two thirds of them spend there more than an hour a day. To young Poles Mark Zuckerberg’s service has become a way to establish a network of contacts to be used when looking for a job. 60% of Facebook users have over 200 friends. This potential is huge, although not always are we able to realise it. Young people should learn to use it when seeking placements and work, says Katarzyna Godlewska of


Young people were also asked to tell the pollsters what would induce them to change a job. As much as 80% of respondents said they would quit their present job if another employer offered them better pay. 37% said that improving their qualifications would be tempting enough and 34% indicated an employment contract guaranteeing them more stability.Every fifth respondent thinks that the atmosphere in the new company would be decisive and only 12% indicate the company’s reputation. If 80% of respondents say that better earnings are a key motivator for changing jobs, it is evident that we still encounter thinking based on materialistic and consumerist values, says the HR Manager at Erbud Industry, Dr. Agnieszka Maciuk-Grochowska, commenting on the results. Such aspects as the company’s mission, vision or values were not indicated among reasons given by those respondents, she adds.

Published: Tue, 09/12/2014 - 15:59

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