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Rzeszów nocą (fot. Centralniak/
Rzeszów, Olsztyn and Białystok top the list of cities that have gained the most inhabitants in the last twenty five years. Warsaw is the leader, never failing to attract the biggest numbers of young Poles.

If we were to accept that a positive migration balance is the best proof of the attractiveness of a given city, the data that has just been published would show that the largest metropolises, save Warsaw, have been faring worse and worse. Statistics released by the Central Statistical Office and published by Gazeta Prawna daily show that within the last 25 years cities like Rzeszów, Olsztyn and Białystok have attracted the biggest number of inhabitants – mainly young people as they are those who are most willing to change their place of residence. The population of these metropolises has grown by 34,100, 31,100 and 15,900 respectively. This result is influenced not only by a positive migration balance, but also by the higher birth rate than the death rate. This may be indicative of the fact that young people are not reluctant to start families in the above mentioned cities.


Big metropolises, usually associated with development and wealth, have done much worse. Within the last years, the number of inhabitants has shrunk by 7,200 in Wrocław, by 39,400 in Poznań and by as many as 140,000 in Łódź. Demographers stress, however, that the negative migration balance may be caused by inhabitants moving to suburbs belonging to other communes.


What is interesting is that cities, which have attracted the biggest number of inhabitants over the past twenty five years can no longer boast of the best conditions for jobseekers. According to the webpage, jobseekers should try their luck in Poznań, Kraków and Katowice as that is where it is easiest to find a job. Among big cities the most difficult situation is in Włocławek, Radom  and Elbląg – there are as many as 50 candidates for a job.


Unfortunately, Poles’ readiness to change their place of residence in order to look for a job is still small. Statistically, Poles change their place of residence once in 15 years. Average Americans do it every 5 years.


Published: Tue, 25/03/2014 - 10:47

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