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Jobs of the Future

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How to choose a field of study and a job that would be well-paid, gratifying and stable? The prospective jobs of the future will give you a hint

What are the jobs of the future?

This term describes those professions which will be extremely sought-after in 10, 20 or 30 years. Most of the time these are new jobs just entering or just about to enter the market. Choosing them may be the answer to questions put by young people who wonder: “What do I do with my life?” Marcin Nowicki predicts that in the future, as a result of more knowledge, the jobs of the future will be those which combine several areas of interest which will lead to blurring the current classic branch division:


(more knowledge       multifacetedness        blurring of traditional branch division complexity)


source: Marcin Nowicki, My region in Europe


Which jobs, according to labour market experts, are the jobs of the future?

Carer for the elderly.The media continue to discuss very small - and in a number of countries - negative birth rates accompanied by growing average life expectancy. In the nearest future ageing population will therefore need more nurses. For the same reasons there will also be a need for physiotherapists. The demand for qualified nurses is even more evident in the USA than it is in Poland. The results of a ranking entitled “100 Best Jobs of 2013” published by the website US News & World Report confirm this by the fact that the nursing profession ranked second. This report takes under consideration average earnings, job satisfaction and professional perspectives. The following jobs ranked from one to five:


Name of profession

Average salary

  1. Dentist

USD 142.740

  1. Qualified nurse

USD 65.690

  1. Pharmacist

USD 113.390

  1. Computer system analyst

USD 78.770

  1. General Practitioner

USD 183.170

(full list of jobs can be found on the Money Careers webpage)


Mechatronics engineer. Many rankings list this job as one of the most prospective professions. It combines knowledge of mechanics, electronics and IT and requires a lot of flexibility and versatility. Those who deal with instrument panels may count on employment in garages, production halls, laboratories or even toy servicing centres. The growing number of apparatus combining electronics, mechanics and IT allows more and more people qualified in this field to find a well-paid job.


Biotechnological engineer.Seen as a job of the future mainly because of its connection with the development of medicine. Biotechnological engineers find employment in diagnostic laboratories or biotechnological companies. They work on the development of new vaccinations, examine medicines and determine the connection between genetic factors and susceptibility to various diseases. They also inspect food, especially new or less known. As a result of the development of biotechnology new jobs have emerged on the labour market, such as nanotechnologists or pharmaceutical biotechnologist.


IT specialist. This term encompasses a list of jobs for telecommunications and computer science specialists. Programmers, analysts, e-commerce specialists, people designing and implementing programmes and applications continue to be sought-after by employers not only in Poland but all over the world. Technologies, especially those mobile ones, generate larger transfers of data and the development of wireless networks. Modern technologies secure the presence of IT specialists on the labour market today and in the future.


Environment protection professionals.Strict environmental regulations, with which Poland must comply, are already in force in the European Union. Jacek Mariusz Krzemiński, author of the article „10 eco-jobs of the future” published on the website, lists the following professions which will be much in demand in the future:


  • solar panel installer
  • power engineering auditor and designer
  • recycler
  • eco-power engineer
  • energy farmer
  • eco-farmer
  • hydrotechnologist
  • urban planner
  • environmental protection engineer
  • natural scientist


Dieticians, mystery clients and weather control engineers are also jobs of the future. Also tourism and recreation are likely to offer new work places. The development of the service sector is a response to the population’s demand for organisers, advisors as well as home and catering service workers. Although these forecasts do not have to be 100% accurate, they are, however, a valuable indication especially for those who are thinking what field of study to choose and for those who want to retrain.


Renata Nowak, portal eduLIDER

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