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Come to study in Poland!

Come to study in Poland! - full version

Study abroad can be a life-changing experience, because it exposes people to completely new and different worlds, mindsets, values, attitudes and perceptions.

Studying in Poland will provide a solid education which will thoroughly prepare you for work in the most advanced labor markets of the world, at the same time stimulating your own personal development. You will also have the unique opportunity of meeting outstanding specialists and renowned intellectuals in your chosen field. Pursuing your studies in Poland, a country of great historical significance and continued aspiration, will undoubtedly be a fascinating, even life-changing, adventure. The reform of science and the higher education sector launched in the years 2010-2011 introduces a new model of financing, based on the principles of competitiveness, quality and transparenty of procedures. The reform is followed by increased spending which will allow the best among Polish academic institutions to compete with the world’s recognized educational centers. I firmly believe that Polish colleges will soon be ranked among the most desirable places for carrying out study abroad programs. It is, then, with great pride that I present here a comprehensive offer of higher education in Poland, introducing the whole range of Polish public and private universities and colleges which conduct education to the highest current standards of teaching and meet all quality criteria. I welcome you to study the possibilities and consider the great opportunity which awaits you in Poland.



Professor Barbara Kudrycka
Minister of Science and Higher Education

Published: Fri, 17/05/2013 - 16:07

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