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Youth Democracy Projects - democracy for the young

Dobre wzorce warto powielać! Akcja "Młodzież w demokracji" Ci to umożliwi .
Take the matters into your hands. Organise a debate, workshop, public campaign or training - Mikołaj Różycki encourages the submitting of applications under the Youth Democracy Projects, a Sub-Action of the Youth in Action programme.

Political system, democracy, civic society... You can hear and read about them often. But how to put these ideas into practice? How to find a place for young people in them? Take the matters into your hands. Come up with a project and submit it under Sub-Action 1.3 - Youth Democracy Projects and a large part of project implementation costs will be covered by the Youth in Action programme.


As part of these projects you can stage activities on the local and international arena, but you must prepare them in cooperation with partners from abroad. The implementation of projects is an excellent opportunity to discover for yourself solutions applied abroad and adopt them on the local ground. Difficult? Not necessarily. If a youth club successfully operates and is supported by local politicians in England, why should it not fare well in your country? Good models are worth multiplying!


Youth Democracy Projects must be implemented by at least 16 people aged 13-30 over a period of three months minimum. They must involve at least two partners in each country, for example a youth organisation and local government in Poland and two other organisations abroad.


Youth Democracy Projects serve as an excellent opportunity for presenting the ideas and problems of young people on a larger forum and for reaching local politicians and officials who have a say in shaping your reality. Debates, workshops, public campaign, training, discussions...  Cross-section of admissible projects is limited by your imagination only. All you have to do is to decide what you want to get involved in. Select a topic of interest to you and your partners from abroad. You can apply for funding under the last Youth Democracy Projects call for proposals this year, which is open until 1 October 2013. This is the last call, as the current formula of the programme is about to be phased out.


Prior to submitting your project, you can become acquainted with already implemented projects. A bit of inspiration can be of use.

Nic o nas bez nas (Nothing About Us Without Us) – the project implemented by young people aged 17-22 focused on exchanging experiences and gaining knowledge on the operation of youth policy in various European countries. An attempt was made at establishing dialogue between politicians and officials and representatives of youth organisations and communities.

Kibice w swoim mieście (Football Fans and the City) -  this project was addressed to young football fans in Łódź and Chorzów and aimed at improving the image of Polish football funs who are largely associated with violence and racism.


Inspired? Now, we are waiting for your projects. There is still some time until 1 October!


Mikołaj Różycki is the coordinator of the Youth Democracy Projects, Sub-Action 1.3 of the Youth in Action programme.





Published: Wed, 04/09/2013 - 13:20

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