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Nothing brings you closer together than joint activities

Mural elementem inicjatywy międzynarodowej? Dlaczego nie. Na zdjęciu uczestnicy projektu "Podaj kabel"
So you met people abroad and now you would like to see them again, right? Magdalena Paszkowska of the “Youth in Action” programme has an offer for you: organise an International Youth Initiative. The European Union will foot your bills!

During holiday trips abroad, summer camps, music festivals and other events you must have met interesting people from other European countries with whom you want to stay in touch. Your joint implementation of an International Youth Initiative project in a field that you are all interested in is a good way of continuing your friendship.


Thanks to such projects you and your friends from other European countries can improve your neighbourhood, organise events never seen before where you live, meet again and do part of the activities together. You must have noticed on several occasions that there is nothing that brings you closer together than joint activities.


You can apply for funding for such projects as early as in September in the "Youth in Action" programme, action 1.2.  - Youth Initiatives. The deadline for submitting applications is 1 October 2013. This is your last chance to use funds offered by Action 1.2 – the programme ends in 2013.


Look at some examples of your peers’ international initiatives below. Let them be your inspiration.


Holiday Cooperation Academy  - organised by young people living in two parts of Cieszyn, whose purpose was to guarantee active and interesting leisure time to those peers who were unable to go on holiday.


Active Minds – voluntary activities organised by young people living close to the Polish-German border aimed at improving the situation of homeless pets.


Pass the cable  – the project was aimed at reviving Cieszyn’s club stage and at establishing cooperation between Polish and Czech artists active in the art of DJing and VJing.


We are looking forward to your projects!


Magdalena Paszkowska


The author is the coordinator of Action 1.2 Youth Initiatives under the Youth in Action programme.



Published: Fri, 30/08/2013 - 17:30

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