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Facebook competitions and youth workshops organised by Eurodesk Poland multipliers; project Euroactivation works at full steam!

This year’s series of workshops are devoted to active citizenship and are entitled EUROACTIVATION. Students will talk in groups and wonder how to change the reality, will become acquainted with the methods of solving local problems, and will find out how to become an active citizen… online. Workshops are conducted by more than a dozen consultants all over Poland. They do it with passion and for free!


The workshops are complemented by competitions and tasks posted on Eurodesk Poland Facebook profile. The competitions and tasks are related with the topic of a month; in May it was non-formal education, which was also a leitmotif of the European Youth Week organised at the end of the month. The theme of the month is active citizinship. Questions to be answered are announced each Wednesday with the unique competition clock to measures the time. The winners of all the competitions and tasks will be awarded attractive prizes.


Workshops (organised in the real world) and competitions (staged online) have become a regular activity of Eurodesk Polska. Last year, more than 4500 participants from 50 cities attended 200 workshops entitled Europe for the Young. Some of them were filmed (see video).

Those of you who have not attended the Europe for the Young workshops still have a chance to do so. You can also invite a Eurodesk Poland multiplier to stage workshops on volunteering and standard 45 min Eurolessons devoted to working, studying and implementing youth projects abroad.



Published: Wed, 29/05/2013 - 12:47

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