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Strategic partners

Two or three partners bonding on behalf of science or sports so that young Europeans can develop and acquire new skills and the gaps between individual EU countries are bridged.

This is what Strategic Partnerships under Erasmus+ have been designed for. They are addressed to all organisations active in the youth sector and to authorities, higher education institutions, cultural and educational institutions, informal youth groups, non-governmental organisations, and even private companies. Anyone who has a plan, knows how to attract young people, commit them to social, cultural, educational and sports activity in the neighbourhood can implement a project with at least one partner coming from abroad. All you need is to have an idea and the European Union will give you anything from six months to two years to implement it. Projects related to the development of linguistic competencies and proficiency in the scope of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) will be given priority.


It may sound a bit enigmatic, so here is a practical example. A foundation from Poland invites to cooperation several Polish and British museums, which implement interesting programmes addressed to young people and related to history education. The main idea is that the employees of individual institutions meet one another and see how things are done abroad. They can become acquainted with educational materials that can be used in order to make young people interested in the history of the country. Perhaps it will be useful to implement the latest technology, such as the Internet, computers or mobile phones… Sounds interesting, doesn't it?


Partners are provided support in organising international meetings, training and placements, in the development of intellectual property works, and in promoting the results of activities. If you succeed, it is well worth sharing your success with others.

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