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Evaluating EU voting platforms

Eurowybory - to będzie temat na topie w najbliższych miesiącach.
With European elections just round the corner, the European Union is doing its best to encourage young people to participate in the event. Where there are young people, there is the Internet. Especially for EYP, Marcin Malinowski reviews websites intended for young persons and devoted to the elections to the European Parliament.

My Vote 2014 

A useful and nice website where you can find out how members of the European Parliament voted on important issues, with a breakdown per country or per political group in the European Parliament and then you can compare it against the votes of service users. For example you can see that only one Polish female member of the EP voted NO to the question whether paid maternity leave should be extended from 14 to 20 weeks.

More about the website at Eurodesk Poland news


Debating Europe 

Elections to the European Parliament. This topic is bound to be trending in the next months. The Debating Europe website, apart from providing information about the distribution of service users’ sympathies among specific political parties, which could be reflected in the outcome of the May elections, offers us an opportunity to take part in thematic debates. The website is worth visiting also for its interesting infographics.

More about the website at: Eurodesk Poland news


League of Young Voters

This website is appealing. It is addressed to young people who did not vote in the previous elections. This is important as on that occasion about 70% of young EU citizens chose not to vote. It looks like decision-makers want to change this status quo through a massive campaign.

More about the website at: Eurodesk Poland news


Marcin Malinowski was a consultant at Eurodesk Poland in Katowice. He cooperates with the Europe for the Active quarterly published by Eurodesk Poland, for which he reviews EU-related websites.

Published: Mon, 24/03/2014 - 16:09

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