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France Beckons Volunteers

Nie ma dwóch takich samych projektów, zadania wynikają z potrzeb organizacji, z którą wolontariusz zdecyduje się współpracować
Service Civique is a government programme of volunteering in community organisations throughout France. It is open to all young people, regardless of their experience and knowledge. The key factor is the motivation of people who wish to be volunteers

Service Civique engages volunteers for a period of 6 to 12 months. Volunteering projects relate to one of the nine themes: culture and entertainment, humanitarian aid, education, ecology, emergency support, remembrance and citizenship, health, solidarity, and sports. The volunteers have nearly 10,000 projects across France to choose from.


The programme is open to people aged 16- 25 who must be EU/EEA nationals. The work load ranges from 24 to 48 hours per week, for up to six days a week.


During the project, the volunteer is provided with full insurance, a subsidy of EUR 467.34 per month, and EUR 106.31 per month for food expenses, which may be paid in cash, in the form of a voucher, or access to the canteen. Volunteers with higher education receive an additional EUR 106.38 per month. In total, depending on the situation, volunteers receive a grant of EUR 573.65 to EUR 680.15 per month. The organisation also provides training and mentoring support.


The volunteers may be assigned tasks such as conducting workshops about sorting garbage, helping in the areas affected by natural disasters, renovating monuments or helping people with disabilities during a sporting event. No two projects are the same, and the specific tasks arise from the needs of the organisation for which the volunteer decides to work.


Find out how to become a volunteer in programme description in the Eurodesk Poland database


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