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Help others… without leaving your house. You do not need to go to the end of the word to help others. Now, you can volunteer online!

Helping others does not cost much. And even if you are busy, you can spare 15 minutes to support others. With the use of a smart phone, you can do that while commuting or preparing a bath. Renata Maroszek, the founder of „Bank pomysłów, jak naprawić świat szybko, tanio i skutecznie” (bank of ideas on how to mend the world quickly and cost effectively) was a forerunner of serving others without leaving your house in Poland. She launched a website, featuring ideas for various forms of providing support, which operated for several years and attracted dozens of thousands of busy altruists. Renata Maroszek explained that for a long time she lacked time and money to do something for others. And when the right time came, she decided to help others to quickly find a campaign, the foundation or an organisation worth being supported. You can do a lot of good online, only by liking something or signing a petition. Although the bank does not operate any more, it has inspired many other online initiatives in support to others.


Just create an online account


If you want to help others online, you must visit the Betobe volunteers’ portal. You can be a volunteer translator for a non-profit organisation, design graphic arts for a website, compose music or become an online counsellor. It will cost you nothing. All you have to do is to open an account to be able to contact relevant organisations. And if you don't feel like working or if you are too busy to volunteer for some time, you do not need to worry. Based on an analysis of your account, Betobe will select organisations and foundations who need the support of someone exactly like you. All the information will be provided to you by e-mail.


More information in Polish 


If you want to find more information in Polish, you must visit the first Polish portal fully devoted to online volunteering, where you can find interesting articles and FAQs there, such as: Can everyone become an online volunteer? What skills are needed? How to start? How to look for NGOs, which will benefit from working with you? You should bear in mind that you can more actively look for organisations you wish to support. If you are a fan of WWF Poland, you should visit their website, look for contact information there, e-mail or call them to tell them that you would like to work online on their behalf. Your offer will surely be accepted.


Write, fund, advise


Volunteering online does not only stand for ‘systematic’ work on behalf of a given organisation. It also includes a wide array of activities that can make our virtual life easier. Need an example? Contributing to Wikipedia or mapping, i.e. marking in virtual space places that exist in real life in accordance with specific criteria, for example places that are friendly to mothers with young children, animals, vegetarians, etc. You can warn others against traffic jams and congestions. If you are fluent in English or good at maths, you can become a part of e-learning community by helping less talented peers to raise their competences. And last but not least, crowdfunding, which has become extremely popular, and thanks to which young people can raise funds for the projects they want to implement. On devoted web portals they describe their projects, which can range from, a music album to a documentary featuring women active in the Solidarity movement. They can also raise money for the purchase of a sewing machine. And you can make small or big donations to projects that appeal to you without leaving your house.

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