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To Have a Cool Selfie

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If you want to impress your friends with a cool volunteering project, you should look for something original. Why not meet Margaret Atwood or go to a meditation centre!

How did the author of the Remains of the Day come up with an idea to present the love of a butler and a housekeeper? What does he think about the film adaptation of the novel and the roles played by Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson? Is it your dream to talk to Kazuo Ishiguro? Are maybe you would like to see Martin Amis in person presenting his latest book? What does Hillary Mantel, a winner of the Booker Prize, think about British politics concerning Russia?


On friendly terms with writers


Or maybe fancy having lunch with Margaret Atwood; before writing her novel entitled The Year of the Flood, she organised an auction and gave the names of its winners to the novel protagonists. So if you prove to be an interesting interlocutor, you name may go down in history of literature for free! This year’s highlights of Cheltenham Festival of Literature will include the presence of Salman Rushdie and David Nicholls, among other eminent writers, as well as concerts, lectures and other attractions. And you can be in the epicentre of literary events. This is not only a ticket to promotion and PR departments of many publishing houses operating in Poland, but also great fun and an excellent opportunity to stay in Great Britain for 10 days. This volunteering opportunity is surely something that you can boast about at Szpilka, Szpulka or Bistro Charlotte at Plac Zbawiciela, the hipsters’ Mecca in Warsaw. Who can beat that? Who has had an opportunity to talk with Rushdie, Amis or Atwood or at least carry their briefcase?


Chasing Mr Darcy


You can also stroll down Mokotowska St chanting om medication after having worked as a volunteer at the Madhyamaka Centre, which offers opportunities for study visits lasting five days. You will work seven hours per day there, but the place is well worth it. The meditation centre is seated in the Kilnwick Percy Hall, an Edwardian style country minor located in a 40 acre park among hills, meadows, forests and lakes. The atmosphere resembles this of the novels by Jane Austen. Maybe you can meet your Mark Darcy there, who will be bald, as befits a true Buddhist, but definitely more handsome than the ugly sculpture placed by the fans of The Pride and Prejudice in Hyde Park.


After your working hours, you can attend classes organised at the Centre. So you can attend a meditation course, learn mindfulness in everyday life and how to sew a Buddhist robe. All the Buddhist celebrations are conducted in a temple located in the former ball room.

Picture yourself uploading to your Facebook account a photo of you with a British manor in the background. This will put Downton Abbey to shame and make all your friends envious. See it for yourself at


Or maybe purple cow?


If the above proposals did not impress you, go to Italy. In a beautiful Alpine village, where only a Milka purple cow is missing, volunteers are badly needed for the renovation of medieval buildings. You have pristine views guaranteed, especially in spring and summer. For more information go to:

Published: Thu, 08/01/2015 - 11:33

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