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Three Cultures, Three Religions, One Voice

Finałem projektu był koncert, podczas którego chórzyści wspólnie wykonali pieśni religijne po polsku, białorusku i ukraińsku.
For eleven days, young people with a passion for singing, representing different countries, cultures and religions, took part in music and singing workshops, and jointly prepared an ecumenical concert repertoire

One Voice is an international youth exchange project in the field of culture, whose main theme is dialogue between religions.


The project has allowed the members of three choirs from three different countries and churches to get to know one other. Thanks to funding under the Youth in Action programme, people from different cultures and backgrounds were able to meet and teach one other to sing in their national languages​​, learn about new forms of musical expression, and the culture of other nations. As noted by one participant, “The project helped to strengthen the ties and notice the brotherhood between our nations”, while another added, “We have a single common goal, theme, and passion. This ensures that the project is elevated to another level. It ceases to be a mere exchange of young people from different countries, it becomes a driving force for dialogue, understanding, acceptance of other cultures, and making friends”.


The intercultural learning in the One Voice programme was reinforced by the use of non-formal learning methods, involving all the participants, learning through experience, mutual learning, teamwork, and inclusion of elements from different cultures in the singing and music classes.


The exchange was attended by 30 people singing in church choirs: Werwyczka Choir, Sienna Gospel Choir, and Concordia Choir (singing at a Protestant church, a Greek Catholic church, and a Catholic church) in Eastern European countries and the EU.


The finale of the project was an ecumenical concert, during which the singers together performed religious hymns in Polish, Belarusian, and Ukrainian.


Katarzyna Anuszewska

One Voice Project Coordinator



Pubblicato: mar, 20/08/2013 - 15:04

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