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The MAGNIFICENT subculture

fot. Leah Gregg (CC BY 2.0)
The hipsters are long gone. Do not worry though - the tragic gap resulting from the loss will soon be filled by a new subculture. Web surfers may start rubbing their hands - they will have someone to make fun of again. Or maybe the yuccies shall not become a laughing stock?

A creative hipster?

The term has been coined by David Infante from (a website of the kind of American The writer said that he did not want to be tagged a hipster any more, as it simply insulted him, and people called him that, he said, because he had moustache, studied free arts and had a lot of ideas for creative businesses. So he defined himself as yuccie.


The word comes from Young Urban Creatives, the name invented by Infante himself.   Although yuccies live strictly American lifestyles, it is impossible that soon the trend will come to Poland. Is the trend the right word in this case though?


Yuccies are persons focused on success, rich, from good families, from the generation born in 1980-2000. However their dreams are distant from the rattle of stilettos on corporate floors and meetings in stuffy conference rooms. Yuccies intend to be successful creatively, or more simply - to make money on their passion. And to live - like hipsters - non-standard lifestyles, though the profits from this nonstandardness are important to them.

fot. James (CC BY 2.0)

I choose my employer

However it is not the remuneration that is most important to yuccies, but fulfilment. They are ready to earn less, much less than their friends, only to have a more exciting job. The will not fawn on their employers. They assume that people are to want to employ them, they merely consent to being employed.


In many cases these are people making money writing blogs, designers or individuals deciding to start their own businesses. They know the world of social media very well and they actively participate in them, setting new trends. Yuccies nourish their individuality and appreciation of their talents.


David Infante also classifies as yuccies those, who chose the “usual” career path, but then dropped it as it did not bring them fulfilment. He gives examples of his friends: a financier, who now organises music festivals and a lawyer, who opened his own brewery. However, you cannot hide it - yuccies owe much of the fantastic lifestyle to their parents support and good social standing.

fot. Joel Bedford (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Somewhere out there

It is doubtful, if this ‘subculture” shall become a lasting phenomenon in Poland. Combining career with passion has a slim chance of becoming a priority for young people in a country, where people past their thirties still live with their parents, as they cannot afford to move out. Indeed, the take on career displayed by yuccies sounds like a ridicule.

The articles on the ‘subculture” found on Polish services are filled with very negative comments: ‘a bunch of demanding whips’, ‘yet another version of a lazy pest and sissy’. No wonder.

It is surprising however that even American readers of hammered David Infante. The term “yuccies” refers to Americans after all, so they should find better understanding than with our compatriots. This however did not happen. He was accused of creating stereotypes and inventing tags people could be labelled with. They ridiculed him saying he was in fact a hipster trying too hard to invent something new. However, media like CNN or Daily Mail caught up the term. Meanwhile the internauts  did not stop criticising, claiming that yuccies only existed in imaginations of journalists.

One could only have a deeper reflection: are there still any natural movements and subcultures, or is everything an artificially created product? Where is the truth, and where is the absurd world created by internet media (i.e. by anyone who wishes)? And finally - hello, hello - has anyone seen a yuccie?

Lena Janeczko


Lena Janeczko


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