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Guide to the Poles

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Rock music, fashion, sex, Himalayan mountaineering and toys – the five chapters of a documentary guide book which facilitates understanding the Poles.

“Guide to the Poles” is a series of documentaries made by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute as part of the Foreign Cultural Programme of the Polish Presidency 2011. Those who watch the films embark on a documentary journey to the sources of the phenomenon of Poland’s contemporary liberty and creativity. The times of socialist realism in Poland mean not only the years of oppression, poverty and enslavement, but also the time of gaining freedom in life’s unexpected spheres.


When the Poles were deprived of the right to dress fashionably, they did their best not to look dull and monotonous, although they lacked money, good fabrics and fashionable boutiques.


When the Poles were squeezed into stiff political and religious constrictions, they were able to find spontaneous joy in their intimate sphere of life, sometimes with the help of Haitian voodoo priests.


When the Poles were not allowed to have passports and travel, a certain group of enthusiasts dug their heels in and started climbing the highest mountains in the Himalayas. They were the best in the world.


When politics, family and religion gave no hope to young Poles, they invented rock music for themselves with a force that nobody had expected and nobody was able to counteract.


When attempts were made to take toys away from Polish children, they invented and made toys for themselves.




Source: Instytut Adama Mickiewicza

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