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Young science prodigies awarded in the E(x)plory competition

Joanna Jurek, the author of a non-invasive method of administering drugs directly to cancer cells has won the E(x)plory 2014 competition addressed to young scientists aged 14-20 who conduct advanced research despite young age.

The competition finals were held during a 3-day E(x)plory International Science Fair in Gdynia.  Joanna Jurek, a student of the Bolesław Chrobry Secondary School in Piotrków Trybunalski won this year’s competition. The non-invasive method of administering drugs to cancer cells she has developed can greatly contribute to the efficiency of existing methods of treatment. The 17 year old winner has been awarded a prize of PLN 6000 and a grant of the same amount for her school.


The competition jury has appreciated the innovative character of the project and professionalism of the secondary school student who has conducted research at the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Warsaw, at the Łódź University of Technology and at the Institute of Experimental Biology of the Polish Academy of Science. ‘Multi-element nanocomposite materials have been designed to assist in the administration of new and existing drugs by improving their effectiveness of reaching specific organs. The winning of the E(x)plory competition has boosted my motivation for further research’, said the author of the winning project.


 ‘We are pleased to observe that a growing number of young people develops their scientific interests. This year, more than 250 projects were entered for the E(x)plory competition. There were 1700 visitors to the Gdynia Science Fair who participated in 50 workshops, lectures, and scientific presentations and watched the projects developed by the competition finalists. We hope that initiatives like our will help to incite scientific curiosity in many more young people’, said Joanna Gogolińska, director of the Fundacja Zaawansowanych Technologii (Advanced Technology Foundation) who organises the competition.





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