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Grójec Music Company

Pomysłodawcami zorganizowania przeglądu muzyki alternatywnej byli młodzi ludzie z Młodzieżowej Szkoły Drugiej Szansy w Grójcu oraz Stowarzyszenia W.A.R.K.A(© Barry Yanowitz -
An apple tree. A duck. A hen. Another apple tree. Oh, there’s Grójec! Can anything interesting be going on in a provincial town, tucked away among the hills of the southern Mazovia?

Well, yes! Grójec is fighting for its place on the music recording market. Grójec aspires to be awarded nothing less than a Fryderyk! Grójec has its first... recording studio. Fully professional. This is how it started: two years ago, as part of the Second Chance Youth School, the “FORTE” instrumental and vocal group was founded. Its young members got so deeply involved in music that an idea occurred to somebody to video their performances.


However, it transpired that this minimum plan was not enough. So, still as part of this project, the First Grójec Alternative Music Festival was organised, during which teenagers seriously hooked on the sounds of a guitar, drums, percussion and anything that wails and makes noises, competed for the main prize: their own CD recording session in a new recording studio called “GEJZER OFF ART”. A concert of the winner of “BATALIA DŹWIĘKOOFF” was the culminating point of the project. At the end a still warm CD was handed to the group members… Hey, Mr. Grójec, play a song for us!


The originators of the project were young persons from the Second Chance Youth School in Grójec and the W.A.R.K.A. Association – where W stands for vision, A for activeness, R for entertainment, K for culture and A for alternative. Funds for this activity came from the “Act local” grant programme.

Published: Tue, 08/10/2013 - 10:19

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