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Creative Europe – a New EU Programme

Unrecognised, permanent outdoor installation of Magdalena Abakanowicz. Cytadela Park, Poznan, fot. Mariusz Cieszewski (flickr)
Already at the end of this year, the first call for proposals under the Creative Europe programme will be announced. This is a new initiative of the European Commission to support cinematography and cultural and creative sectors in Europe

Creative Europe will be a framework programme composed of two elements: Culture (which will be the continuation of the existing Culture programme, which supports international cooperation in the field of culture) and Media (which will be the continuation of the existing Media and Media Mundus programmes, which support European cinematography and the audiovisual sector).


According to Anna Hieropolitańska, the coordinator of Polish cultural contact point, in practice these two elements will operate as distinct components. Each component will have a dedicated grant programme, call for proposals and budget. It is envisaged that nearly EUR 500 million will be assigned for the Culture component and approximately EUR 900 million for the Media component. In addition, a transversal instrument will be established to support all sectors promoted by the Creative Europe programme, said Anna Hieropolitańska in an interview for the portal.


The central theme of the programme will still be investing in international cooperation and projects, i.e. supporting the areas which can bring maximum benefits on the European scale, and not only local or national one. However, the European Commission has defined new priorities and objectives for such cooperation with a view to adapting it to the challenges faced by these sectors, added Anna Hieropolitańska. Creative Europe will support cultural and creative industries in order to develop skills indispensable in the realities of the modern digital and globalised world, so that these sectors operate more efficiently and attract new audiences from all over Europe and beyond.

Published: Mon, 03/06/2013 - 13:23

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