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International exchanges for artists

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As an artist, working in another country can provide you with new sources of inspiration. You will gain experience and knowledge and might even expand your audience or start a partnership.

The movement of artists and cultural professionals between countries plays a major role in cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue. By travelling beyond borders you can extend your scope of activities, make your creations evolve and exchange experiences and learn from other artists. As creative talent circulates more freely across borders, cooperation and fruitful exchanges are made possible between creators from diverse cultural backgrounds and artistic traditions.


Where to start?

Before deciding on an artists’ mobility or residency programme, you should think about your motivation. You should be sure of the reasons why you want to stay and work somewhere else.

Making a choice among all the opportunities available can be quite a task, but there are some questions you can ask yourself to make it easier such as:

  • Which region and which discipline are you interested in?
  • Which residency model best suits you?
  • Which art facilities do you need?

The next thing you should consider are applications and funding. Application procedures differ enormously and participation is planned a long time in advance. Some residency programs cover all costs, some residency programs don't cover any costs at all and some only partly cover the costs Be sure about the budget before you go!


My artistic placement at the Casita Maria Arts and Education Centre in the Bronx was extremely beneficial to my project. Not only did it allow me to collaborate with a unique community in the Bronx –something integral to my work – but it also gave me a huge studio space (the school’s gymnasium) where I could create amplified sound, test projections and develop the project. The staff at Casita were also very supportive and excited for an international multimedia artist to be working in their midst. Creating a complex, cutting-edge multimedia work in a gymnasium in the Bronx was a somewhat surreal experience but moved the work forward tremendously.
Mark Bolotin, from Australia, was in New York in 2012


Where to look?

Trans Artists Foundation is a knowledge centre on cultural mobility, with a strong focus on artist-in-residence programmes.

On the move is a cultural mobility information network, with an overview of upcoming deadlines, guides and toolkits.

e.mobility is a community that promotes artistic mobility, where artists can find a residency programme, submit residency projects and suggest meetings.

Residency unlimited is a free service that delivers up-to-date information about art residencies worldwide.

Res artis is a worldwide network of artist residencies.

Published: Mon, 07/09/2015 - 14:42

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