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Guide for School of Arts Students

The full title of the publication in Polish is "Przewodnik dla studentów od studentów ASP w Warszawie" (Guide for School of Arts Students prepared by the Warsaw School of Arts Students) and the Guide can be of use to any arts school student.


The Guide has been developed, because experienced students wanted to share their knowledge with their younger peers. The project provides for the creation of bonds between individual years of students.


Apart from personal opinions, the guide features information based on answers provided in the questionnaire. Survey results have been presented in the form of graphs. 



The survey questions touched upon various issues, which have been nicely illustrated in the form of a bar graph.



Moreover, the Guide features legal and general advice and guidelines, and other titbits. The publication gives food for thought and discussion on education and the development of current and future arts students.


The Guide is a social project and each contributor worked for it free of charge. The Guide has been published in 1000 copies and is also available online as a PDF file.


The Guide features Polak-Cebulak (a penny-pincher), who regularly appears on its pages to offer advice to students on how they can make economies.



Published: Tue, 29/04/2014 - 12:48

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