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"The Warsaw Uprising" - colourised non fiction feature film

Fot. Marek Ziolkowski /
This is the world’s first feature film made entirely from authentic newsreels filmed by insurgent cameramen in August 1944.

The film came into being by editing and combining into one whole short fragments of uprising newsreel footage. It tells a story of two brothers, cameramen who documented the Warsaw Uprising.  The black-and-white film was edited, colourised and sound-edited by adding dialogues to it. As a result, we can watch a film featuring the insurgents and civilians who look like if the footage was contemporary. This realism gives a very touching effect.


Film "Powstanie Warszawskie" - zwiastun | "Warsaw Rising" film - trailer


Thanks to the modern technology methods of colourisation and audio reconstruction and a group of talented artists, an unparalleled project on the world scale has been implemented.


Six hours of original newsreel footage from the Warsaw Uprising of 1944, six months of work, a team of militaria, clothing and architecture consultants, urban planners, Warsaw experts and historians, 1000 hours of colour editing, 1,200 shots, 1440 hours of colourisation and reconstruction, 112,000 selected frames, 648,000 minutes of reconstruction, 22,971,520 megabytes of data – these are only some numbers which help appreciate the enormous effort and means dedicated to the “Warsaw Uprising” feature film.


Fragments of the film can be seen in the "Tyle nadziei, tyle młodości"(So Much Hope, So Much Youth) music video, which promotes the film. It features Adam Nowak, who sings to the music composed by Karim Martusewicz, a son of the Warsaw Uprising insurgent and a member of the Voo Voo music band.


"Tyle nadziei, tyle młodości" Adam Nowak i Sylwia Wiśniewska | Film "Powstanie Warszawskie"

Offentliggjort: Tir, 29/04/2014 - 12:43

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