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Your first EURES job

Your first EURES job

Making it easier to search and apply for a job in another EU country.

Are you?

  • aged 18-30?
  • a citizen of an EU country?
  • legally resident in an EU country?
  • willing to work in another EU country?

If your answer was yes to all of these questions then Your first EURES job could be the solution for you!


What is it?

Your first EURES job is a European Union job mobility scheme to help young people find work across the EU.  Your first EURES job can give you information and help you search and apply for a job in another EU country. Through the programme you can get financial support for an interview trip and/or for moving abroad to take up your new job.


How to apply

Go to the Your first EURES job website and find the information points in your country. If your country still doesn’t have these services, you can contact any of the other organisations listed.


Support for employers

Employers are also eligible for support from the Your first EURES job if they are:

  • a legally established business in an EU country
  • looking for workers with a specific profile they can't find in their home country
  • offering minimum 6-month contracts, with pay and conditions compliant with national labour law


Tips before going abroad


  • Do your research: The EURES website offers practical tips for living and working abroad in each of the participating countries. The Erasmus+ programme is also a great way to find out about education, training, youth and sport opportunities in the EU.
  • Learn the language: You don’t have to be fluent, but having a good grasp of the basics will make communicating easier and may even open up new opportunities both socially and professionally
  • Swallow your fear: It’s natural to feel nervous about starting a new job, apprenticeship or course. If you’re at university, there are likely to be other people on your course in the same situation and also support available through the university itself.
  • Make the most of your opportunities: Learn from the talented people around you, ask for advice when you need to and seek out chances to further your career. Never forget to network.
  • Pack smartly: Think about where you are going and what you’ll need carefully. What familiar home comforts can you not live without? Don’t rely on being able to pick them up from a local supermarket – some products will be unique to your home country.
  • Get your finances in order: If you’re going to be abroad for more than a few months, it’s probably worth setting up a new bank account in your target country so that you have easy access to funds. 


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