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Learning French

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Are you a beginner in French? Would you like to improve your French? There is a wide range of opportunities for you to discover French language and culture.

Check your level in French

TEF (French evaluation test) is a worldwide reference tool which helps you check your skills in French. If you are a student from a non European country, TEF can give you access to first or second year of studies at a French university without having to pass the French language test which you will need when applying for admission. This test is offered by the Paris chamber of commerce and industry. Use the Europass Passport in order to describe your language skills.


Choosing a French course

Language courses in France. There is a number of possibilities ranging from staying with a French family or living in a residence to making an exchange. You might stay a few weeks or even a whole school year. Find out more on l'Office and Unosel.


Alliance française offers French courses both in France and in 137 different countries. Courses are open to all, during the day or in the evening. There is a wide range of possibilities (intensive courses, learning French through theatre, business French, and much more). Alliance française can also help you to prepare a serie of diplomas and tests:

  • DELF (diploma in French language studies)
  • DALF (diploma in advanced French language studies)
  • DFP (diploma in professional French)
  • TCF (French knowledge test)
  • TCF-ANF (French knowledge test for access to French nationality)
  • TEF (French evaluation test)


There, you can prepare the CPFL (practical certificate in French), DEF (diploma in French studies), DAEF (diploma in advanced French studies) and DSEF (higher diploma in French studies). You can apply only if you have a French baccalauréat (final secondary school examination) or an equivalent diploma. You may register directly with the university or with the French cultural diplomatic and consular institutions in your home country. Réseau des centres universitaires de FLE.


Chambers of commerce

Contact the National network of chamber of commerce study centres.


Municipalities and associations 

Some municipalities and associations offer French courses to foreigners who already have a basic knowledge of French. Check the website of the city where you are.


Language institutes and centres 

You will find a large number of public or private centres across France which offer French courses. Prices may vary a lot from one school to the other. Compare prices when choosing the offer which matches your needs best! A number of private schools offer a certificate which is officially not recognised and only certifies that you have attended French courses.


Distance courses

Quality labels 



You will have to pay for these courses, and prices may vary according to your level of French, the duration of the course and the type of course you choose (intensive or not, one-to-one or group courses, and so on). Compare prices.
Free French courses are aimed only at foreigners who live in France in the framework of an inclusion process. More information.