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Local Exchange Trading Systems (LETS)

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Giving and receiving at the same time, learning while passing on. This is a unique occasion to commit to others, to meet new people and to spend less money.

Système d’échanges locaux (SEL)

  • A system consisting in exchanging products or services within a group, usually an association. Example: Amélie helps Emma who helps Théo who will help someone else, etc.
  • Exchanges may cover a wide range of activities such as DIY, gardening, learning languages or how to dance, accounting, cooking, babysitting, moving, etc.
  • Unlike swaping, exchanging is not reciprocal and immediate
  • Useful aim and create social link between people
  • The value of services is estimated by providers or estimated in hours who use a virtual currency, mostly based on time (1 hour = 60 units)


Réseau d'échanges réciproques de savoirs (RERS)

  • An association which is active within a city, a rural area, a school, a class or a company
  • Its members give and receive knowledge and know-how
  • Offer only exchanges which involve learning
  • Do not use any virtual currency
  • No hierarchy between different know-how and knowledge (for instance, you may give a recipe for a cake and get an English lesson in exchange and an introduction on how to use the Internet).
  • The receiver decides how he/she wants to learn
  • The aim is to provide informal learning opportunities and to guarantee that knowledge is accessible to all those who want and to foster the desire to learn


Pluses and minuses

These exchanges are based on trust and friendliness. However they might lead to unpaid work or illegal work.

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