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Why you should take a gap year

© Lisa Schipperijn
A gap year, not attending any university, school or serious job, sounds like a good plan, right? There are many good reasons to take a gap year and many ways to do it, here is a list of reasons why you should just do it.

You have time, a lot of time!
You will finally have the time to do everything that you always said you wanted to do. Go volunteer, whether that’s in a local organisation or somewhere abroad. Take those painting classes, work on your own documentary, write a book, you name it, you really have the freedom and time to do whatever your mind is up to. 

It can change your future
If you don’t know what next step to take in your life, a gap year is a great solution. You are no longer distracted by the stress you had in school and the papers you had to write for your university. Now you can clear up your mind and think of what you really want to do in your life. So, taking a gap year can be a crucial step in your life.

Open your mind!
Going abroad can be a great way to fill your gap year. You can go for a whole year, there are plenty of programs for this. There are European programs, like the European Solidarity Corps, but you can also be an Au pair, or save up and start traveling. Really, the sky is the limit in this case. By going abroad you will meet new people and learn about new cultures, which will for sure open up your mind. You can finally see with your own eyes whether some stereotypes are true or not at all and meet so many people from different backgrounds.

Get out of your comfort zone
By doing something out of your comfort zone, you will learn new things. Everything will be different if you go abroad for a while. In your hometown you probably know every street and corner, every little bar or bakery and you know a lot of people there. If you decide to go abroad in your gap year nothing will be the same. Not when you go abroad and live somewhere else, and not when you come back. When you will be back you will most likely look at your hometown in a completely different way.

In short, there are tons of reasons to take a gap year, and this is just a small list of why you should do it. Don’t be afraid what others will think of your decision, because it’s your life and you are the one that decides about it. So just do it, you will not regret it, I promise you.

Lisa Schipperijn

Paskelbta: Pn, 08/03/2019 - 12:35

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