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Choosing your method of transport

With so many methods of travel, be sure to prepare based on your next adventure!

How to reach your destination is one of the most important questions you should ask yourself when preparing your travel. Nowadays you're spoiled for choice, so be sure to make the most of your options. 


Air Travel 
One of the most common ways to see distant lands, flying can be extremely cost-efficient. To find out exactly how you can make the flying, see our article on Cheaper Ways to Fly.   
Don't forget to show up two hours before take-off!


Sit back and relax as the European countryside passes you by! Travelling by rail is a perfect way to hop from city to city, in groups both big and small. 
When booking in advance, through resources such as InterRail and Rail Europe, you can make the perfect travel itinerary. With the option to travel at night, you can also rest before reaching your next destination. Remember to be considerate of other travellers if making your journey overnight or in big groups, some people might not want to join in your party! 


While somewhat slower, buses can get you to remote locations that planes or trains can't, allowing you to see more of Europe! 
Companies such as Flixbus and ComparaBUS give you a chance to just enjoy the journey. With countless destinations and departure times, you can easily find the route for you.    


Want to control your route and departure/arrival time? Rent your own car with Sixt, or carpool with Road Sharing. These options can help make your trip more flexible, and allows you to remain in your group! 


Now I know how to get there, but what about other issues?
So, the transport issue has been fixed, and you know how to get to your destination. Some things may still not be right though, such as your travelling rights or essentials for your trip. Thankfully we have those resources covered, but some we may not. For motion sickness you can check out advice from the NHS, while travel blogs from Wanderlust will provide added information which you could need.    


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