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Taking Action: Joint Civil Society Movements

Local communities can benefit in a variety of ways from joint civil society movements, what effects have they had in your area?

The past number of years have seen some excellent projects emerge from civil society movements, positively impacting people in a variety of ways. Let’s have a look at some areas where communities have benefitted:



With the influx of refugees into Europe consistently increasing year on year, it is important to give these vulnerable people the chance to improve their lives. Through inclusion, refugees and local communities can work together towards common goals. See how Hadi completed the journey from being a refugee to a volunteer in Brussels, and how the European Youth Forum and the Scout Movement helped refugees become engaged with youth work!


Preventing radicalisation

A big issue with a proportion of young people today is the prospect of radicalisation. In order to combat this problem, efforts have been made to include those most exposed in society on a deeper level. Events such as the ‘Overcoming Youth Marginalisation Conference’ have looked to bring civil society together in their endeavours of countering extremism.  Initiatives have looked to make sure that young people get social, not radical, and feel included in their communities.



Want to get involved?

Covering many areas of society throughout Europe, civil society movements have engaged with a variety of topics. Due to such a broad range, it can sometimes seem difficult to pick a movement which represents your interest area. Thankfully, European Movement International can help in your search! Check out their website to see how you can get involved.

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