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Your Wellbeing

Looking after yourself is one of the most important facets of young people’s lives, yet it often gets overlooked. Find out how to maintain your wellbeing.

Whether it be physically, mentally, or financially, pressure can take its toll on young people today. Identifying these issues is only the first step in solving any problems that exist.



Maintaining good physical health can contribute to an increase in energy, better sleep, and reduces stress! No matter what your age or level of physical fitness, it is never too late to get active.

Physical activities are also a great chance to socialise, why not search for local sports clubs or running groups? Improve your lifestyle while making new friends!

Check out our Sports and Fitness tips here.



Each and every one of us will go through periods which put strain upon our mental wellbeing. Thankfully, your mental health is manageable, and no matter how you may feel you’re not alone!

Mental health services for young people have dramatically improved in the last number of years. Mental Health Europe continue to work hard to ensure services continue to grow, and to make mental wellbeing an attainable goal for all.

If you’re experiencing difficulty, feel free to talk! There is always somebody willing to help, be it friends, family or mental health experts. To begin your discussion contact the Samaritans, who offer terrific support.



Financial pressures can also affect your wellbeing. If you find yourself struggling, why not consult the European Funding Guide to see what help is available?

You can also visit our guide to getting a scholarship/grant here!


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