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Gender Equality and Women’s Rights

An issue which has been tackled in the last number of years, the EU is committed to closing the gap between men and women, and ensuring equal opportunities and fair treatment for all.

The European Commission has turned its attention to this issue, placing it firmly in the EU’s political agenda. Through equality in decision-making, engagement with groups committed to similar goals, and providing information, the fight against the gender gap is well and truly underway!


Many ways to combat gender inequality are now available to EU citizens. Identifying the problem is the first step in the process, with Eurostat providing information on the EU as a whole, as well as on member states. Switzerland, Germany and Austria are also using innovative tools, such as pay calculators, to raise awareness on the issues surrounding gender equality.


Once information is gathered, bodies such as the European Institute for Gender Equality can begin to advocate for equal opportunities for men and women though the creation of better policies. Be sure to check out their great work! Following in their success, the Mutual Learning Programme has reinforced the need for education on, and action against, the gender gap.


The EU also works closely with national gender equality bodies. To find out how gender inequality is being approached in your country, click here!

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