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Working Rights in Europe: Don’t be exploited!

No matter what the position, experience, or work-load, you are guaranteed basic working rights in the EU. Be informed so you can get the most from your work life.

With so many opportunities available to work in other Member States, the EU has strived to ensure that citizens throughout the Union can make sure that they are not being denied their rights. The main areas covered by the EU for workers’ rights are:


Health and Safety 

Employers are obliged to provide their workers with a safe working environment, with the EU intent on consistently improving working conditions for employees. Workers have the right to make proposals for the improvement of their workplace, and have the right to complain should they feel in danger at work. The EU looks to ensure that every worker returns home safe and in good health.


Equal Opportunities

In selecting candidates for employment, and in the workplace, employers must provide equal opportunities for both men and women. This must be shown in treatment of the worker and in maternity/parental leave.


Protection against discrimination

Workers must not be subjected to discrimination of any kind, be it based on sex, race, religion, age, disability or sexual orientation.


The EU has also made strides in labour laws in the last number of years, focusing on working conditions and informing and consulting workers. 



Feel your rights are being infringed upon?

If you feel your worker rights are not being respected, or have other queries about your rights, get in touch with the network of experts!

Publicado: Mar, 28/08/2018 - 14:26

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