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European Capital of Culture Istanbul 2010

Istanbul; the only city in the world to straddle two continents built on seven hills on Asia and Europe capital during two consecutive empires - Christian and Islamic

Coming forward with its unique historical accumulation and splendid natural beauties, as well as successfully undersigning several international events in recent years, Istanbul has been selected as the “2010 European Culture Capital.”

Preparing for the Culture Capital title with the efforts of the Metropolitan Municipality, the Istanbul Governorship, and the 2010 European Culture Capital Coordination Board, the city has been transformed into a city of tourism with conventions, fairs, cultural events, art, and sports activities. Racing with the world’s renowned capital cities in these fields, Istanbul has leaped to the 17th position, up from 49, in tourist conventions in the last couple of years. Hosting 43 important conventions this year, the city aims to be among the top 10. Renewing its infrastructure in conceivably all fields, Istanbul has been applauded loud for its successful hosting of international organizations, such as the Champions League Football Final Match, Formula 1, Moto GP, and the Red Bull Air Race. Being expected to host several global sports, cultural events, and convention  until 2010, the city will host the UEFA Final Cup, World Water Forum, IMF World Bank Congress in 2009, the European Culture Capital, World Basketball Championship and METREX (European Metropolitan Regions and Fields Network) Grand Congress. The greatest goal for Istanbul, which plans to host the World Salon Athletism Championship in 2012, is to host the Olympics in 2020.


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