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Short-stay accommodation in Europe

You have your trip all planned out: bags are packed, tickets are booked, but what about accommodation? Check out various options for an affordable stay during your journey.


Although staying in a hotel might seem rather pricey, it is not necessarily always like that. You might just be lucky enough to find a really good deal. Or you might simply find local prices quite low - whilst travelling to a country with another currency, you might find a high-quality accommodation very affordable, so it’s worth checking all possible options prior to your travel. this website lists 28,860,879 properties in 228 countries and territories, books 1,550,000 room nights per day, and is available in over 40 languages.

Trivago: find your ideal hotel and compare prices from different websites.

Expedia: a travel booking website, which can be used to book airline tickets, hotel reservations, car rentals, cruises and vacation packages.

Late Rooms: a hotel reservations website providing discounted (last minute) accommodation.



Hostels are a good alternative to hotels when looking for affordable accommodation. You can see below a list of popular hostel websites.

  • European Hostels: search for the best and cheapest beds in the city you are visiting. On this site you can also find some useful travelling tips.
  • Hostel World: search and book hostels all over the world to find the best deals. Also check out the hostel reviews and the backpacker guides and travel tips section.
  • with over 35 000 hostels to choose from, just select your destination to get started. Don't forget to take a peek at the city guides and travel features pages.
  • Hostelling International: youth hostels are a great way to get to know a country at a low cost. Search among the more than 4 000 youth hostels worldwide.
  • Hostel Bookers: book your youth hostel or cheap hotel from over 3 500 destinations worldwide. Check out also the travel blog, the travel inspiration lists and destination guides for tips on how to make the most of your trip.


For tips on how to survive hostel life, as well as information on what to expect from this kind of holiday accommodation, check out Surviving your first stay at a hostel.



If you prefer to be in close contact with the nature, camping can be a nice and affordable option for you.

  • EuroCampings: get detailed information about European campsites so that you can camp in style across Europe. Search by country, region, place, campsite name or facilities.
  • Interhike: camping and hiking advice for countries all over Europe, just use the map to find camping sites in the area you choose.
  • Cool Camping: campsites and glamping in the UK and Europe.


Flat renting and subletting

If you prefer a more homey feeling, you can rent a room or a whole flat and even sublet your own while you are away.

  • Airbnb: from apartments and rooms to treehouses and boats, rent a space for you in over 34 000 cities and 192 countries. You can also rent out your place while you're gone and maybe cut down the costs of your trip. This is a very convenient option for tourists, but be aware of local housing situation – in many cities Airbnb is getting a lot of negative publicity, and locals protest against it, so if you would like to make local friends you might want to reconsider this option, or at least don’t mention to people that’s your preferred accommodation.
  • HomeAway: holiday homes, anything from a yurt to a castle.
  • Homestay: a great option for accommodation while studying, working, or volunteering abroad, also short-term options possible.


House Swapping & Hospitality Portals

If you are open-minded and willing to receive guests in your home, then you can also stay for free at someone else's house for a couple of days.

  • online community where you can become a host member to look for free accommodation at another member's house or just look for travel tips for your next destination.
  • Hospitality Club: join the club to meet friendly people and find free accommodation around the world.
  • Couchsurfing: find local hosts to stay with in over 100 000 cities around the world, become a host by opening your home to travellers or just rediscover your city by meeting visiting travellers and locals at events in your area.
  • Knok: travel and stay for free in over 30 000 homes, in 159 countries. Home insurance included.
  • Trustroots: a non-profit hosting and travelling platform.
  • BeWelcome: a non-profit hospitality and culture exchange network.
  • WarmShowers: a free worldwide hospitality exchange for touring cyclists.
  • Staydu: places to stay offered in three different options: Stay and help, Stay and pay, or Stay for free.
  • Servas International: nearly 70 years old international hospitality network.

You can find exhaustive descriptions of all of the above, as well do’s and don’ts of couchsurfing in this article: Do you have a spare couch?


Early-morning flight or completely broke?

If everything else fails, you have an early-morning flight or a long layover, or you simply want to add some adventure to your journey, why not spending the night at the airport? The Guide to Sleeping in Airports has reviews, a ranking of the best and worst airports to sleep and a guide of how to sleep in airports.



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