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Career Development Award Program

Funds to support the development of talented scientists

The Giovanni Armenise-Harvard Foundation has funds to support the development of talented scientists. The Career Development Award provides three to five years of support for newly independent scientists at an agreed host institute in Italy.

It is intended to foster the development of outstanding scientists and enable them to expand their potential to make significant contributions to their field of research. At the same time, the Foundation hopes the Award will provide an incentive for Italian research institutes to strengthen their departments by providing a sufficiently attractive package to invite applications from the best possible candidates.


Candidates must:

- Be young, emerging scientists with demonstrated productivity and the capacity to function as an independent investigator.

- They should have a minimum of 3 years of postdoctoral research experience in basic biological sciences (of which at least two years should be abroad) and be no more than 10 years beyond their Ph.D.

- Be researchers not currently living in Italy who wish to enter the Italian research community.  Applicants must still be working abroad at the time the nominations are ratified by the Board of Trustees in December.

- Have an agreement for development of a novel research area in a suitable host institution in Italy.

The Award will initially be granted for three years, will be available from July 1 each year and will be distributed annually at a rate of $200,000 per year per scholar.


Deadline: July 15 each year.


Published: Wed, 19/06/2013 - 12:51

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