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Do’s and don’ts for a professional airport napping

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Airports are conceived to make travelling easier. When you think about it, airports are places of transitions, long ones, so they better make it comfy!

Airports are ruled by theirs own laws… there are do’s and don’ts that you need to know whenever you have to stay longer than usual in an airport, and let’s be fair, that happens often.

For the wanderers who have long layovers, who are stuck in the airport because of bad weather, for those who want to stay the night in the airport to save the hotel expense, here’s a perfect website for you Sleeping in Airports. ''Let the Guide to Sleeping in Airports help make your travel experience more tolerable'' is what you can read on the website’s homepage and it couldn’t be clearer. This website offers airports guides and airport reviews written by people who spent nights there! The content is really diverse. It goes from the top 10 of best and worst airports to sleep in, airport general sleeping guide, to travel tips!

Indeed, what this website suggest is to take the best from your long layovers (they offer some tips and tricks for 5 hours layovers in various cities) and to embrace the experience of staying way too long in an airport! The airport reviews are quite detailed: airport lounges, hotels, Wi-Fi, showers, rest zones, opening hours, luggage storage, mobile charging, airport transportations, list of the services to find there…

All of these information are given with quite honest reviews of how people were welcomed by the airport’s staff. ''I don't think airport snoozing is really that common in France, the staff looked at me slightly oddly but left me be'' wrote Lesley on a French airport guide! 

Keep in mind that if an airport is an ecosystem, a working place, and for you a potential place to spend your night, it’s not a bed and breakfast. All airports are different so the best way to make your airport stay tolerable, is to be full of understanding toward the airport’s staff and other travelers, and to gather as many information as you can thanks to this website!

Mathilde Cabaud

Gepubliceerd: Do, 15/03/2018 - 14:09

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