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As a traveler, you always want to take the best from your journey. You want to explore the culture of different countries and avoid the big touristic traps. You want to know more about the culture without reading any guidebooks?

Maybe if I tell you that you can actually explore a country’s culture thanks to the Internet, you may just think I’m dumb but the website will prove you wrong. This website is a sharing platform for creators all around Europe and the world. Explore the map on the home page, go through the various themes, or just pay yourself a visit through the list of the cities!

For example, I think I know things about Spain, but I don’t know a lot about Ibiza’s culture, except the parties and the DJs of course. Thanks to this website, I discovered two local web radios and a short road trip movie! The creators who are posting content on this website are either locals or travelers who want to share their experiences about the country/city/neighbourhood … 

And here comes the second most interesting way to use the website - to share your own content! is a great way to share your content and media on a fair network. Indeed, when you share your content on this website, you can choose also to add links, connect it to different ''must around'' and thematic partners (museums, bars, restaurants, cultural places…).

On top of that you can choose the ''must around'' you want to connect with your media’s page! Depending on the broadcasting agreement with Cityzer, the content’s creator will earn a proportional income according to the partners’ proposal to appear on this media’s page … Long story short, you can make some income thanks to the links (that you can choose by yourself) to connect your media’s page with. 

Cityzer is creating connections with cultural places/partners, creators and the audience, users around the world with a same idea: value culture on territory through digital. 

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