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A youth campaign of the Council of Europe for human rights online, to reduce the levels of acceptance of hate speech and develop online youth participation and citizenship, including in Internet governance processes.

Hate Speech is everything spoken or written that hurts or discriminates against people or groups. Examples include racist postings on Facebook pages or the targeted harassment and humiliation of people over the Internet (= cyberbullying). Hate speech online is a particular problem, because it can spread on the Internet almost unlimited. In extreme cases, hate speech can lead to real physical violence.

The aim of the No Hate Speech Movement is to combat online hate speech and prevent its spreading by posing and answering these questions:

How to recognize hate speech? How to react best?

The campaign shows ways in which YOU can make a stand against online hate, discrimination and exclusion online and offline.
In addition, are
Europe-wide action days and events to draw as many people's attention to the problem as possible. A first success: 22 July (= anniversary of the massacre on Utøya 2011) was declared by the Council of Europe to the European Day of the victims of hate crimes.

In Austria the organisation bOJA - Nationwide Open Youth Work Network launched the campaign "MAKE LOVE GREAT AGAIN". The official campaign video shows what statements social media users are confronted with and what effects a simple posting has on the individual person.

No Hate Speech #makelovegreatagain

Published: Thu, 01/03/2018 - 12:41

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