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How to travel alone?!

When I only think about traveling all by myself I get completely stressed out. What if I will feel alone? Or get lost? And what if I make friends for life and never want to leave again?

After 1,5 years of studying in Amsterdam and now also living there for half a year, the canals and alleys finally became a bit familiar. It's easy to get to know a city when you get on the wrong tram or bus for the millionth time. Somehow the public transport never is on my side either, not even when I've been checking every single detail beforehand. Which of course doesn't have anything to do with my great sense of direction...

After seeing the millionth tourist panicly looking from phone to the street and back, I feel compassion. Isn't it brave how they defy the public transport in Amsterdam? Some of them go all the way and even take a bike. But man, don't ask about the times I was close to getting a heart attack seeing them almost crash with a tram or get stuck in the tram rails.

Still, this isn't the only reason that keeps me from traveling alone. Getting lost by myself, in a foreign city with a foreign language gets me really nervous. A friend once said: "Okay, so you'll get lost, there's still Google Maps or people around you to ask." Which is true. We're never really alone anymore, thinking about phones. Just a single press on a button and we're reaching the other side of the world.

Several people around me have been traveling alone. They all said it's scary in the beginning, but easy to get used to. "You'll get in this vibe and no matter if you get lost, you'll get there."

Honestly it might be a bit stupid to not explore the world just because of this. With all the things out there to see and explore, why let this little voice in my head leave me stuck in Amsterdam? I mean, I have secretly left my heart in Barcelona already...

Yaklin Tse
Internship Erasmus+ Youth & GO Europe / Eurodesk Netherlands

Offentliggjort: Ons, 14/02/2018 - 11:33

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