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Whatever the question, start with Eurodesk!

You want to know more about one of the opportunities found on this portal? Or, do you need further advice and counselling to turn your ideas into reality? Get in touch with Eurodesk!

There are plenty of opportunities to get active, volunteer, learn, study, train, or work in other countries of Europe and the world – individually or with a group, in your spare time or through school or university. The Eurodesk network is there to help you find the path that’s right for you.

Eurodesk is present in 35 countries with a network of national coordinators and more than 1.300 local and regional partners. These partners are local youth projects, youth centres, public information centres or organisations working with and for young people. You can send a message, contact them online (join them on Facebook), meet them in events or just pay a visit when a local Eurodesk partner is near. You can get more details on different opportunities, practical information or useful hints on where to turn to for further help. Since Eurodesk is a European-wide network, we can also link you to contacts in your destination country and give you more practical details directly from people in that country.

Since 1990, Eurodesk has been supported by the European Commission and by the Member States. Since 2007, Eurodesk is a support structure of the EU’s Youth in Action programme. In addition to providing content to the European Youth Portal, Eurodesk supports those working with young people to make sure information gets through to the young Europeans we want to reach. Eurodesk’s opportunity finder offers up-to-date information on upcoming programmes, project funding, competitions and many more.

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