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Culture, creativity, friends... or just call it Erasmus+

Article written by Yasemin Yusuf from Bulgaria
This article was written by Yasemin Yusuf, Bulgarian participant on youth exchange project ''StartUp! your career'' which was held in Šibenik from 09/10/2017 - 18/10/2017

Art, dreams, buddies, sports, games, desire, business...  all these come to my mind when I think of Sibenik.  It is a city full of history and innovations, beautiful nature and friendly PEOPLE. Ancient buildings and cathedrals, narrow streets and high fortresses attach special atmosphere to the city. Everything, mixed with a lot of sunshine and smell of lavender and sea made us feel like we were at home and enjoy every second of our stay.

We tried to capture the beauty of Croatia in photographs but we will mostly remember the friends we made, the things we learned and the fun times we had.

Thanks to the organizers, we had 10 days full of creativity and joy. Through presentations and group activities, we learned useful things about how to realize our business ideas. We had the chance to be a part of a big international team, to meet peers from other countries, to feel (and taste) the peculiarities of their cultures. We also learned to share and understand each other better. All of us enjoyed taking part in the project and we hope to be a part of the adventure called Erasmus again.

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