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Brcnimo Rasizem Zagorje 2017

Sixth antiracist football tournament Brcnimo rasizem [] (Kick racism) with accompanying program was held on 30th September 2017 on Proletarec playground, next to Youth center Zagorje, Slovenia.

Football tournament has the agenda of promoting anti-racist principles and practices.Event was organized by Mladinski center Zagorje ob Savi (Youth center Zagorje ob Savi) and local anarchist group O.S.A. Zasavje. This year partners were also ŠKLAB (Student club) and Fare network, which fight on European level against all kind of discrimination and exclusions in football.

One day before, on Friday, 29th September there were concert event with two local bands, Kvazi circus and Trifail. Between both performances there was official draw and presentation of trophies.

At the self-organized anti-racist events part of the initiative Brcnimo rasizem, we can all socialize, no matter how we look, who we love, where we come from or what we believe in. Respecting each other, we can have fun and enjoy each other's company in a non-consumerists way.

On sunny Saturday day 13 of he registered 15 teams were participated on the tournament. The Brcimo racism initiative strengthens social responsibility and tolerance in society, opens up a space for a critical view of any exclusion and includes vulnerable groups pushed by the existing system to the edge of society. This year teams came mainly from the local environment (LM Oskar, Balkan, Pule boys, NI-DA-NI, Tone Okrogar, MC ZOS, FC Mulci, FC Makalo), but there were also a homeless team Kralji ulice, activists and workers FIAT 1964 from Ljubljana, asylum seekers with social activists of Ambasada Rog, gay / gayfriendly recreational team sLOVEnia shooters and team Seoski all star team from Styria.


A diverse set of teams provides an interesting and quality tournament throughout the day. In addition to football, there was also an action of sharing free vegetarian meals - "Food, not bombs!", making of badges, playing table football and projection of movie “We will fight against them”. A large number of visitors came to spontaneous gathering, to watch a game or encouraging and cheering for their favourite team.


The tournament took place till the evening hours with a final under the reflectors at 8 PM. After tense and fierce fights in the last games, members of the LM Oskar team, who took away a two-year crown from the Balkan team with a score 4: 2, were final winners. In the spirit of fair play, the sixth Brcni racism in Zagorje ended.

Final ranking:
1. place: LM Oskar

2. place: Balkan (trophy for the best shooter and goalkeeper)

3. place: FC Mulci

4. place: Ambasada Rog (trophy for the most fair play team)

While the xenophobic part of society is trying in every possible way to suppresses the difference in fear and ignores new social phenomena, we value and celebrate diversity!


Published: Tue, 10/10/2017 - 16:36

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