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European Youth Conference YOUTH IN EUROPE - BETTER EUROPE

2-4 November 2017

The National Youth Forum – Bulgaria /NYF/ and the National Youth Card Association /EYCA Bulgaria/ in collaboration with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung are organising the European Youth Conference "YOUTH IN EUROPE - BETTER EUROPE - The role of youth organizations for better inclusion of refugees in education, labour market and society”- an event focused on social inclusion of refugees and the role of young people in this process.The conference will be held between 2nd and 4th of November in Sofia, Bulgaria. More that 60 participants from all over Europe are expected to come and discuss topics related to integration and social inclusion of refugees, creating opportunities for refugees to work and develop in the European society and more.

The main goal of the conference is to bring together representatives of youth organisations working with refugees - national youth councils, European and international youth organisations, experts and national authorities and to develop a common concept of "good practices" tacking the challenges for the social inclusion of refugees, as well as the role of youth organisations in the dialogue with policy-makers and a follow-up action plan for 2018.

The registration form will be open until 12th of October 2017, 23:59 CET. You can register and find more information here.

All accomodation and travel costs are covered.

Come to Sofia and join the action! 

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