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CERTIFICATES OF PROFESSIONAL COMPETENCE. Alternative to professional training

Do you want to continue to educate your training path? But... – If you are not admissions, in Vocational Training. – You don't have completed the mandatory training. – Your Way, is not the university. Not all is lost! There is a "Plan B"!

There are alternative ways to continue learning, especially if the goal, at least in the short term, is the Labor market.

One of these pathways comprise: certificates of professional competence (CP*).

Certificates of Professional Competence CP* (Note 2) are a parallel path, of Vocational Training but conclude in a common goal, as they form part of the National System of Vocational Qualifications and Vocational Training. The National System of Vocational Qualifications and Vocational Training integrates all the vocational training, both the FP* (Note1) of the Educational System, such as the Vocational Training for Employment, including the CP*.

Similarities and differences between FP  and CP

State educational administrations and/or regional accrediting academic titles of the FP and the state labor administrations and/or regional accrediting the professional certificates.

The CP are issued by the Public Service of State Occupation and by the competent bodies of each Autonomous Community.

Certificates of professional competence also have official and valid throughout the national territory

The Professional certificates accredit the professional skills which enable us to the development of a work activity within the productive system. It is a modular training that gives you the flexibility of being able to go studying each of them independently and that guarantees that all modules completed are preserved, if there are circumstances that prevent you from the end of the CP. It also gives you the chance to meet, in one or two modules, if that professional field is going to like or not.

Another advantage is that they have a much shorter duration in hours that the FP. In front of the 1200/1800 hours of Vocational Training, Middle Grade, and/or higher grade, the CP comprise between 400 to 600 hours, and also include modules of professional unpaid practices.

A similarity with the FP is that there is also the option of dual training in Certificates of Proficiency. By combining theoretical and practical training in a real work center, with remuneration

The Vocational Training for Employment provides 3 levels of competence and training and professional requirements of access to benefit from the training.

  • Level 1: includes a reduced set of activities of relatively simple, with theoretical knowledge and practical skills, limited . To access this level is not necessary to accredit academic training completed.
  • Level 2: formed by a set of specific professional activities and with their own techniques, which is related to the performance of work . Requires technical and scientific knowledge of the activity and capabilities of understanding and application. Access to level 2 requires to be in possession of the Compulsory Secondary Education Degree, or have exceeded a CP Level1 of the same family and professional area. You can also access with the title of Vocational Training, Middle Grade.
  • Level 3: a set of professional activities that require a domain of technical and implementation fully autonomous, involves responsibility, evaluation of technical and specialized jobs. Requires to be in possession of a High School diploma or title of FP degree or have passed university entrance exams for over 25 years or have a CP of level 2 of the same family and professional area.

The CP education  offer is based of the same professionals families of the FP. Once acquired the skills you have the option to validate the modules overcome with skills required in the FP. In this way, you can follow your training studying modules of a FP and obtain an academic degree.


What are the qualifications of the FP and the CP, in the rest of Europe ?

If your goal is to go to work or to continue your training  in a member state of the European Union you can demonstrate your skills through  the Europass certificate supplement.

The Europass document facilitates the understanding to employers or institutions of another country, about the competences and learning  acquired.


1) FP* in Spain is the acronym for the Vocational Training

2) CP* in Spain is the acronym for the Certificate of Professional Competence


Rosa Maria Montalbán Gracia .INFOJOVE- IBJOVE ( Palma ).

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Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Palma de Mallorca