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Get your rights work!!!

Getting a job increases your self-steering skills. Must know you have rights at work, Rights protected by international laws Knowing them, you get more safety and protection

Working is is the main way to be inside social life to develop yourself as an individual: you learn, have relationships out of your daily environment. It let you get in touch with the real world and earn money for a living.

Your boss will be demanding  of you: be at time and he wants to make a good job. In return, you should receive a fair and regular salary. He should arrange the workplace in order you can do your task in a safe way, (suitable outfit, a neat and illuminated workplace .

National laws regulate all these things Anyway, you should know there are are minimum rights  at work protected by international laws, by international treaties. 



Be hired  signing a contract.

Always, it should be a  contract, even by words, between employer and employee.

Usually is written and   it contents, at least all these terms:


- Names and addresses from both:  employer and employee

- Description of the positions and the tasks it supposed to do

- Workplace  description

- Salary, ( and their concepts)

-  The amount of hours/ week you’ll be at work

- Contract starting date and end ( it it were a temporary one),

Sometimes is should  indicate

- a probationary period

- advance notice in case you` will be fired

- the way any change happened will be communicated


Right to Social Security.

¿What does it means?:  Social Security is a way to protect citizens. It let  people to receive Health Assistance and get any money in case of  be unemployed, suffer a long-term disease or any disability  to work. General speaking. It works through a Fund which collect the money that workers and  employers put on it from their salaries and profits.

So, it is compulsory that your boss pay for it ,for his and yours


Right to work into a safe and healthy workplace

Employers must keep the workplaces safe and healthy in order to avoid accident and workers got diseases.

In return, employees must be responsible being active act for the workplace stay a real safe and healthy one.

In one hand , employees should deben:

- To inform an train the crew  around risk and hazards related with the task they do, and  hoow to avoid and  prevent all them.

- Check  out regularly the firm facilities.

- Provide to the crew suitable and safe outfit s and tools

  • to solve all kind of safety fails that could be detected.

In the other  hand, workers are responsible for:

-following all the safety instructions they could receive in order to do their task in good conditions of safety and health

- giving notice to the boss around any  safety problem on equipment , tools  and facilities.

-joining the training sessions about safety at workplaces.



Exercising your rights:

Claim for your rights means a conflict ahead.

You'd better do it in an assertive way, the law I backs you up:

- Don't lose your temper

- Talk with the boss, put in their shoes  in order to have a global and wide  vision of  the matter.

-  Get in touch with the trade unions representatives.

- Express your anger in an easy way and no fear.

- Claim for a quick fix  or make a petition writting.

If nothing happens go to  labour public services

Remember:  labour conflicts are not so   easy to solve, keep your tights up but  you always will need the  experts advice.


Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Ayuntamiento de Jaca

Útgefið efni: Mán, 02/10/2017 - 10:14

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