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A Different Perspective - Some of the Benefits of Travelling

Do you have the opportunity to travel abroad? Here's a few reasons you should grab it with both hands!

Article submitted by Gregor Henderson from Eurodesk UK Partner yipworld


Sandra Jedrysko is one of yipworld’s youth work planners. She has a role coordinating several local youth groups and working with the youth workers to ensure that the programme being delivered is fun, constructive and well organised. Originally from Poland, Sandra talks about how living and working in a foreign country has influenced her and her career.


Where are you originally from, where have you been and where are you now?


'I was born in Katowice, Poland where I lived till the age of 12.  I then moved with my family to Scotland where I have been living since then.  During my stay in Scotland, I have travelled to places such as Salou (Spain), New York (US), Boston (US), Rome (Italy) and Corfu (Greece).'


How has travelling benefitted you personally?


'Travelling has enabled me to learn a lot about myself.  For instance, it opened my eyes to new opportunities; I have gained more confidence, met some amazing people, stepped out of my comfort zone and developed the desire to see new places.'


What were some of the first differences that you noticed when you moved?


'The first obvious difference that I noticed was the language difference.  I had learned some basic English at school however at first I found it quite difficult to understand the Scottish accent.  I have also noticed cultural and behavioural differences. Another major difference which I have noticed is the food that Scottish people eat on daily/regular basis.'


What do you like to do when you first visit a new place?


'Whenever I travel somewhere, I firstly like to meet new people.  During my past travels I have met some amazing people from around the world with whom I still keep in touch. Personally, I believe that everyone has interesting stories and experiences to share and I like to listen to them. People can also recommend places to see and/or avoid, can encourage you make joined plans and can always help with taking pictures of yourself with amazing views.  I also enjoy sightseeing, trying new foods and experiencing different cultures.' 


What would you say professional advantages are of being willing to travel?


'Personally, I believe travelling helps you grow as a person.  It can open your eyes to different ways of thinking, understanding things from different perspective.'  


What would you say to any young person who is thinking of travelling or moving abroad?


'I would definitely encourage anyone to travel and to see new places! Travelling benefits people in many ways and is an unforgettable experience. To add, travelling at a young age could be especially advantageous as it could help a young person to experience the world before going to university, college or taking a full time job. Also, it can provide a young person with amazing stories to tell friends, family and even random people. I don’t think I can stress enough how great travelling and moving abroad is.'


Out of everywhere that you have been, where has been your favourite?


'I loved everyplace I have visited so far and thus I am unable to pick just one city or country. I like traveling Europe as there’s the aspect of freedom of movement and there are no visa requirements.' 


Where would you like to go next?


'There are still many places I want to visit such as; New Zealand, Fiji, Japan, Canada, Thailand, Iceland, Mexico, Australia, Switzerland and Egypt. Hopefully I will get the chance to see these places in the near future.'

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