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Join the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition!

If you have an idea to create a sustainable world take part in this contest organised by the Goi Peace Foundation and Stiftung Entrepreneurship

Young people from 15 to 35 years old, from all over the world, with an innovative idea for an enterprise which contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals are invited to submit their best ideas and project.


Entries will be evaluated based on their entrepreneurial vision, feasibility, innovation, leadership, social impact, and sustainability. They will be posted on the competition website and subjected to commenting and public voting.


Entries should be submitted in one of the following two categories:


The 10 finalists will need to send a video of their project.


The deadline for entries is July 31, 2017. Deadline to submit online votes and comments: 31 August 2017.


Find out more here

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