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Join an exciting EVS in Croatia

If you are interested in youth work, creative multimedia campaigns and organizing promotional events - then this might just be what you are looking for.

Who are we?
ZUM Association is an organisation for youth in the heart of Pula, Croatia. Our main goal is to empower young people to be more active and make positive changes in their community.  ZUMadvocates and promotes full inclusion of youth in global society through information sharing, networking, non-formal education and youth policy development. Since 2006 we have been publishing youth magazine 3ska!!!which is free of any commercial content, written by youth and for youth.

Who are you?
- a person aged 20-30 from Macedonia or Estonia
- interested in the subject of youth work, community work, multimedia and PR
- a passion for writing and multimedia (no previous experiences required)

What you need to know about this project
You will be working on multimedia campaigns in our Youth info-centre, writing articles for our web page and 3ska!!! and the European Youth Portal. You will also be organising (promotional) events and creating a personal project.

INTERESTED? Learn more by clicking this link for the info-pack with all the information! (sidenote: in the info-pack the deadline was the 1st of June, but the deadline was extended)

Paskelbta: A, 20/06/2017 - 11:01

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