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Step into the future

This article is written by Adrian Callejo Canal, participant of the youth exchange ''Step into the future'' which was held in city of Šibenik from 24.04. - 02.05.2017.

Thrilling. Intense. Entrainable. The "Step into the future" employment course has exceeded all participants expectations. For just over a week 27 young Europeans from Italy, Slovakia, Spain and Croatia have shared accommodation and training in a tremendously enriching cultural exchange experience.

Little by little, the participants were arriving the first day at the Hostel Mare without knowing that they were going to remember this place with fondness forever. Suitcases full of illusion, hope, desire to learn and some uncertainty to meet their new partners. The first presentations, the nerves of the first day, the first class, the first smiles and the first buddys. Thanks to the European volunteers assigned there the training sessions have been very enriching and entertaining. Laura, Matej, Sara, Burhan and Marko are clear that the best way to learn is to enjoy it, so they organized a lot of fun games and creative team activities. And so the days go by between classes, "cantina", anecdotes, cultural visits and other events, such as the intercultural dinner that we organized in the middle of the week in which we could taste croatian, italian, spanish and slovak products. Special mention for rakia - croatian drink of 50 degrees - that did not leave indifferent to anyone who dared to try it.

The visit to Krka National Park put the finishing touch to a great project that we will never forget. Landscapes full of waterfalls, sun, lakes and forests to say goodbye to a country and a city that has conquered our hearts. And comes the hard time to say goodbye ... Tears, hugs and kisses with the feeling of having made the best of every second, but with the sadness of putting an end to such a beautiful project. And back to our countries of origin with the satisfaction of having enjoyed a great training experience, practiced a lot of English and the enormous pain of getting away from so many new friends.


Foilsithe: Déa, 11/05/2017 - 10:34

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