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Innovation for progress: The European Institute of Innovation and Technology

There is an independent European Union body that sets as its goal the nurturing and support of entrepreneurial talent in order to develop European innovation and to set an example for countries outside of the Union.

EIT - The European Institute of Innovation and Technology


Consumer society and globalisation have been evolving at an unstoppable pace. However, this also means that the inventory of possibilities is constantly growing as well. The message of the Institute is nothing else, but to be brave and dare to dream, because as the saying says, nothing ventured, nothing gained.


Fulfilling the requirements of the challenge, there are more and more innovative young people around the world. It is enough to just think about the amazing start-up ideas. While there are many who let their imagination loose and put their ideas into practice, there are also some who are less daring, especially because the necessary inspiring partnerships are missing.


Therefore, the EIT aims to mobilize and strengthen enterprises by creating co-operations amongst educational institutions and research organisations. This contributes to sustainable economic development, the creation of workplaces as well as letting creative ideas blossom by encouraging young people to dream big.


The EIT is an important element of the Horizon2020, the European Union’s research and innovation framework. Horizon 2020 is a pillar in the initiatives of special importance within the Europe 2020 strategy Innovative Union, whose most important goal is the increasing of competiveness within Europe.


Innovation is the key


In order for Europe’s competitiveness to improve, enterprises must be inspired and innovative solutions must be implemented that are responsible for the global market. For this, the key is in young people’s hands and the EIT is supporting them. How does it achieve this? By connecting important sites that can play a crucial role in the life of the young generation and by supporting them to realize their ideas.


By creative a ‘knowledge triangle’, it creates connections with the world of business, higher education and research. As the result of this, academic and innovation cooperatives are born, which are called KIC (Knowledge and Innovation Communities). Relying on the principle of two heads are better than one, the main goal is for cooperating market leader companies, universities and research institutes to develop more efficient and innovative solutions for Europe. For young people, it is an excellent opportunity because, beside improving themselves, the opportunities that are opening up to them can promote their career goals as well.


KIC-es are only at an arm’s length from you


In 2010, three such co-operations were created. Since then, one of them has been responsible for tasks connected to climate change, the second for information and communication technologies and the third’s central focus has been sustainable energy.


Four years later, a decision was made about the creation of two new co-operations that started their operation within the EU during 2015.


One of them sets as its goal the improvement of the life standard of European citizens as well as the sustainability of the health and social systems while the second one works on making raw materials more accessible and sustainable to utilize. The creation of three more institutions are planned until 2020. You can read more about them here.


Headquarters: Budapest


Hungary is very lucky as the European Innovation is only at an arm’s length from it: its headquarters is in Budapest since 15th September, 2008. The reason for this is that the Hungarian capital – besides boasting with a central location and easy accessibility – plays an important role as a connector between the East and the West. Moreover, in Hungary, there are already existing and at the same time, functioning centres that operate based on the cooperation between universities, research institutes and companies, providing the professional background for the active participation and cooperation in the Knowledge and Innovation Communities.


Why should you join?


The most important thing is to provide access for local researchers, university staff and students to the most up-to-date technologies and research results who should be able to benefit from it with the same ease it is done in developed countries. Therefore, the EIT provides numerous opportunities, workshops and tenders for you in order to help you develop constantly and to become the member of a team that believes that together, everything is possible. 


Zsófia Tupi


Translated by Judit Molnár


Picture: qimono pixabay

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